Friday, November 11, 2011

Trials and tribulations

This has been a terrible year for pests, I had green worms that did a lot of damage, as well as grasshoppers. There have been possums rambling through the epi area at night. Also, I have a plant with rust that appears and kills the affected branch within a day or two; the rust keeps spreading despite my best efforts. Tried dusting with cinnamon today, may just have to toss the whole thing. I moved a couple of plants, and broke branches on both, then I noticed "Princess Linda" had a sunburned branch, so had to move it as well, tried hanging a plant on the Bauhinia tree the past week, and today when I watered the plant the branch broke on the tree!! Just one dern pot was too much. Next on the agenda is getting out to Lowe's to get materials to build a lath house, that should be interesting to attempt, hopefully will have better luck this spring with everything. No place for all these plants, most of them are growing like weeds.

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