Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Innovative trellises from the 99 cent store

 March ESA meeting.....we're getting ready to grow again!

Jim Nones reports that he found these great trellises at the 99 cent store and brought them in for a demo. They are marketed for tomato plants but seem perfect for epiphyllums, too!

At tonight's ESA meeting we had a couple of nice slide shows. We viewed Don Patterson's hybrids, and marvelled at his huge cactus and succulent collection. The other slideshow featured small-flowering hybrids. One of the perks of the small flowering hybrids is off season blooms and LOTS of blooms. Here is a picture of "Orange Icing" in bloom right now. According to former ESA president Galen Pittman, this plant has a flush of blooms about six times a year! At the meeting I also picked up a few new pots, wire hangers three for a dollar (!) and a few new cuttings. "Taskamore" (Cryptocereus anthonyanus X Fruhlingsrauschen) which has unusual ric-rac branches owing to the cryptocereus parent, and "Professor Ebert" a good old standby with upright, triangular branches and pretty medium sized fuchsia flowers.