Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Few Blooms today at the Pentico

'Earth Angel'; another small one. Very precious!
Aporophyllum 'Nicola'

Oriental Spring -  a small blossom about 3" across. Extremely lovely!

'Miss America'

Epicon IX

Aporo. Oakleigh Conquest

Epicon IX

Scoop of Raspberry

Michael T.

The Succulent Bench ;)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Buds 'n' such...

Well, when you don't have flowers, ya gotta go for buds!

buds on "Padre"

"Emily Rose" buds

Cymbidiums are a bit more cooperative this time of year.

Oncidium, or "dancing lady"

Gasteria liliputiana

Sunday, March 25, 2012

"Wonderful One"

This is the only bloom I think I'll have on this one this measures 9" across so is bordering on the XL size. We have a rainy, overcast day so the colors are very well represented.

From the ESA directory:

'Wonderful One'. Fort and O'Barr 1957. Orange, pink and white, blended pastel tones. Broad ruffled petals. Wheel form. {L} 'Sunny Dawn' X 'William D. Monmonier'. Reg. #06135

I did have blooms in prior years with a tinge of white edging, but not this time.

To give you an idea of size.....

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Today's blooms - at the ESA Pentico Memorial collection, LA Arboretum

'Piland's Pride' - Wressey Cocke 1980. 'Naranja' X nat. {S}

'Happy New Year' - Don Burnett (Kohlschreiber) 2003 'Spun Gold' X 'Disocactus macranthus' {S}

'Coralie' - Fred Boutin 1988. 'Bridal Shower' X 'Pygmy' {S}

"Michael T. " - Dr. J.W. Troxell 1981. 'Herbert S. Irwin' X 'Lucille K. Irwin' {L}.

"Joy Edstrom" -  Wressey Cocke 1990. 'April Shower' X 'June Marie' {L}
 Joy Edstrom was a gardener at Golden Gate Park conservatory,  who was killed in the Oct 17, 1989 San Francisco earthquake. She had been working on the annual poinsettia display the day of her death and had planted some of the cypress trees that lined the viaduct. She maintained a home garden full of everything from chives to perennials and often presented fresh flowers to women in her vanpool.

Edstrom, who lived alone, also took care of stray cats that wandered near the conservatory, and would occasionally bring them home with her in the van. As did others in the vanpool, she often talked about leaving the rat-race and opening her own nursery.
Gardeners have planted a tree in her honor at a San Francisco park.

'Jugend' - Knebel 1935. Disocactus speciosus X cinnabarinus {L}

'Harald Knebel' - Knebel 1935. Disocactus speciosus X cinnabarinus {S}

'Shotzie D'

'California Wheel' - Fred Boutin 1980. {S}

"Bronze Star"  - Geroge French 1985 'Pistachio' X 'Tassel' {L}
"Bronze Star" pretty it deserved a second look!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

"Miss America"

Blooming at the Pentico collection; Wressey Cocke hybrid from 1989.
"Ruby Snowflake" X "Tassel". {L} Reg # 10656"Light watermelon red. Outer petals orange. Overlapping wheel shape form, opens wide. Thick flat growth"

Saturday, March 10, 2012

More Early Blooms

Heather Leigh

Pink Passion

Li'l Orphan Epi

Lady Edna

Sparkling Burgundy


Vive Rouge