Saturday, June 23, 2012

'Angel's Flight'

'Angel's Flight' a Watts hybrid registered by Galen Pittman. 'Reward' x 'Space Rocket'. I love the touch of rose which you can see in the throat, and when the light hits the petals just so, you can see a rosy sheen.

Here is the back of the flower, and you can see that what started out as a new branch, changed its mind and instead turned into a flower tube!

Aerial view....

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June ESA meeting

Trophy winners from annual show

Nina shows off her blooms, assisted by Keith

Richard Klug shares his hybrids

Jim Nones

Ken Loomis has a flair for the dramatic!

Evelyn Shiraki shows off her hybrids

'Orangutan' from Darryl Miyamoto

Loretta Garcia's basket

Sunday, June 3, 2012

'Letty May'

A medium-sized bloom hybridized by Wressey Cocke. Thankfully this one has not been too badly infected by the cactus virus. Most specimens that I have seen are strongly variegated.

'Stormy Weather'

Don't know why there's no sun up in the sky;

Stormy Weather,

Since my man and I ain't together.

Keeps raining all the time.....

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Pentico blooms today

'June Salute'

'June Salute'

'Charles Hardy'


'Diamond Bill'

'Beautiful Morning'


'Frances C.'

mislabelled 'Diamond Head'; possibly 'Diamond Bill' again? I love the white so I really don't care what the name is!!!

Another one, mislabelled 'Donna Diana' but it isn't.....


'Pink Fairy'

'Pink Passion'

'Sheer Elegance'
'London Majestic' has a delightful perfume in the afternoon


'Romantic Night'
'The Jest'
'Apache Trail'

Friday, June 1, 2012

SDES collection, Safari Park

'American Sweetheart'

'Gypsy Queen'

'Blushing Angel'

'Regina del Chiaro'

'Edvard Grieg'


'Frau Liberta Knebel'
'Grand Ovation'
'Sun Goddess'
'Ernest William Angus'
'Arctic Land'
'Rose Queen'
'Young Nun'
'Tina Hawks'
'Gold Medal'
'Peppermint Stick'
'Sweet Alibi'
'French Sahara'
labelled 'Fanciful' which is described as a white
'Sailor's Delight'
'French Custard'
'Rosa Maria'
'Little Guy'
'Bertha Talbot Loose'
'Tahitian Prince'
'Cherry Parfait'
'Oakleigh Dominator'
'Dress Parade'

'Frau Gretchen Steudte'

'Royal Tapestry'
'Harry Paetz'
'Blushing Star'
'Old Vintage'
'African Queen'
'Nom de Plume'
'Fantasy Dragon'

'French Dynasty'