Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Some of my favorite photos from 2010-ESA annual show

"Falling in Love"
"Stina D." and "Princess Linda"
Row of blooms at the ESA show
"Flaming Gorge" (Clown X Lavender Marshmallow)
"Spiced Topaz"
"Jungle Beauty"
"Frida Kahlo"

"Feather Queen"

"Coral Dance"

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A few blooms from the 2010 season


"Jesse's Dream"
"London Desire"

"Wonderful One"
"Waikiki Rainbow"

My Epiphyllum Garden Blog

This is my garden blog where I will chart the progress of my plants and flowers. And include some garden gnomes too!
Here is the epiphyllum garden today. The year old plants on tables. Huge plant in left foreground is Superchief. Right foreground is my old Argus. Note the cute little garden gnome peering between the branches. The two-layer table is closer to the house with smaller year-old plants.

New cuttings with older plants above.
The older plants...Siegfried, Space Rocket, June Salute, Wonderful One and Waikiki Rainbow
Row of newly started cuttings and that garden gnome in the background again....hehe. There is a bud on Lilluput.
Large old plant with lost tag, I THINK it is London Delight. The longest branch is 41 inches long and still growing....nice, upright growth so no need for a hanging basket....luckily. 
Seed pod London Delight (?) X Waikiki Rainbow
"Reward" and "Vista Gold" hanging in the lemon tree