Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Bloomed late in June, 2013 and lazy me, I am just now posting the photo. Orange overlaid with lavender. 'Dr. A.D. Houghton' x nat. registered by Fort and O'Barr in 1955.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

'Herbert S. Irwin'

Also affectionately known as "Professor Irwin" this cute little Knebel Disocactus speciosus ssp. cinnabarinus cross likes to bloom year-round. 

'Aztec Treasure'

'Aztec Treasure' a lovely Frank Kirby hybrid registered in 1985. Hardy growth and reliable bloomer at the Los Angeles Arboretum Pentico collection.

Arctic Land

'Arctic Land'; a George French hybrid registered in 1992. 'Tele' x 'Jennifer Ann'. Nice offseason treat!

Monday, May 20, 2013

ESA show "The EpiCenter"

Had a super-busy weekend, and the actual show day just flew by as I was in charge of the clerking for the judging. Made a display, a couple of floral displays and entered several photographs. As I went to remove the casseroles from the refrigerator to re-heat them, I had a panic attack when I realized that I left a big box of flowers in the fridge. Those were hastily placed with the assist of nice friends Loretta and Ken. By the end of the weekend my nerves were completely frazzled. Don Burnett brought me some cuttings and handed them to me while I was in the middle of the clerk job. I thought I had lost them but when Ken was cleaning up today he let me know they had turned up!!
Didn't get much chance to take photos but did get just a few. 


Blooms from my No ID oldie plant that is so thorny I real;y don't like to mess with it. Even has thorns on the flower tube.I "THINK" it may be an old variety called "Inca" but I'm not positive.

I have to 'fess up, "Three of a Kind" is my favorite show category. Here is my 'Three Oranges' entry (oh I thought I was so clever with this one LOL) and then we have 'Maharanee' in a basket; Flirtation in a box, and Sparkle in bottles, which is just too cute. The latter two got placements. Then there was Don Burnett's 'Yellow Tang' and 'Alpine White'; and Evelyn's entry on the juniper spray. Also Loretta Garcia's pink trio.

The San Diego Society display, then my photo display and Jim's educational display.

'Wonderful One'