Tuesday, May 14, 2013

San Diego Epiphyllum Society Show

'Venetian Affair' x 'Juliana Obayashi'

'Terms of Endearment'

'Red Lion'

'George Nakanishi'

'Jeffrey Kida'

'Camila Obayashi'

'Gail Matsumiya'

'Becky Konishi'


'Lady Ruffles'

'Shangri La'

'Vanilla Sunset'

'Royal Hawaiian'

'Chuck and Jerry'



'Shirley Aline'

'Vern Hettinger'

'Slightly Sassy'

'The Red Shadow'


'Bound for Glory'

'Epi Society'

'Kathy's Pride'

'Maiden Erleigh'

'San Miguel'

'Flaming Gorge'

'Stern von Erlau'


'Creme de Menthe'


Aporophyllum 'Moonlight'

'Kona Coast'

1 comment:

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