Monday, May 6, 2013

South Bay Epiphyllum Society Show

It's difficult to post anything on the newest Google Blogger format because they have changed the templates to upload some sort of code for the picture, instead of the actual photo. Then there is no longer an option to adjust the size of the photo or to add a comment to each photo. These changes are terrible, I wish Google would stop diddling around with the blogger format and making it impossible to compose a nice post. But anyway, I'll give it a try and see how it goes.

The South Bay Epiphyllum Society show was yesterday, a lot of fun. I took approximately 50 blooms with me. I came home with a couple of choice items that I found at the sale, like 'Queen Tatania', 'Honeycomb, and 'Souzan'. Lots of beautiful blooms, good friends from all over California, and great eats (I brought a shrimp ring and mixed fruit, along with some strudel bites). I love Evelyn's Chinese Chicken Salad, it's yummy-licious.

'Marcella' a Don Burnett hybrid

'Space Rocket'

'Doris Pittman' a Watts/Pittman hybrid

'Three Oranges' a Phyllis Flechsig hybrid.

'Madeline' a George French hybrid.

Rainbow Gardens display

'Chanteuse' a Don Patterson hybrid named by Galen Pittman.

'Love It' from Evelyn Shiraki

'Carbon County' an extra huge and extra lovely white bloom from Evelyn Shiraki.

a beautiful new hybrid from Evelyn Shiraki, out of a 'Chiba Lovely Dawn' cross

'Crystal Claret', a lovely Don Patterson hybrid.

'Spun Gold'...just awesome!


'Alan Obayashi' from Derek Obayashi


'Courage' from Ken Loomis. Lucky me, he gave me cuttings of this at the show!

I'll post the rest in another entry...too much for now and I have a class to go to!

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