Tuesday, October 9, 2012

'Crystal Amethyst'

First time to bloom for me early in September, of all times!! A nice healthy plant from Rainbow Gardens. It's pretty, sort of reminiscent of Marseillaise.

September photos

Again, fifty lashes with a wet noodle for me. Here are the delinquent photos from our HOT September....well over 100 degrees every darn day. No wonder I didn't have much energy for the blog. Well, it makes a convenient excuse for my laziness.

The Monster That Ate Cleveland. (plant, not Gail).
Richard Klug brought this one in and not sure exactly what species it is, will be taking it to a botanist for ID.

'Adonis' offseason.....smallish

'Adonis' next to his friend the 'Acadian Spring' hibiscus

New cultivar courtesy of Frank Supplie is taking root in California

'Renee Lynn' at the Arboretum display area

display area is looking great due to Ken's hard work

Galen the Gardener

plants at the September meeting's silent auction

August photos

It's finally autumn after a long, hot September...hotter than I ever remember. I am way overdue for posting a few pictures of the summertime bloomers. I got so busy with all my hibiscus blooms that I neglected this blog! That is really unforgiveable.

Cereus peruvianus

'Beyond Grandeur'
'Orange Icing'

'Forever Young'