Friday, May 18, 2012

'Elegant Lady'

'King of Siam'

'Slightly Sassy'


I really love this Watts hybrid that is blooming for me for the first time. 'Siboney' is the name of a delightful latin american song that you can listen to on Youtube (Connie Francis).

I got to looking up the meaning of the name, and found this:

"Siboney" is another spelling of the word "Ciboney". It is a word of the Arawakan language spoken by some Caribbean indigenous people. "Cibo" means "precious stone" and "ney" means "people", so "Ciboney" means "people of the precious stone (or pearl)".

The Ciboney were pre-Columbian indigenous inhabitants of the Greater Antilles in the Caribbean Sea. Allegedly they also lived on some of the Lesser Antilles. It has been proposed that they spoke an Arawakan language and that they originated from the Guajira Department of Colombia, but the fact is that their linguistic affiliations and their origins are unknown.