Sunday, May 6, 2012

South Bay Epiphyllum Society show

'Blushing Star'


'Vanilla Sunset'

'Evening Delight'

'Lalique' (entered by yours truly, 2nd place)

Here's the same 'Lalique' in the yard this morning...much prettier in a natural setting.

'King Arthur'

'Yellow Tang'

'Spanish Gold'

'Don's Chantilly Lace'


Here's my entry 'Satin Ruffles' that placed first in a large class.

'Honeycomb' a Fort/O'Barr hybrid. I finally picked up this plant today!!

'Love It' -  First place in its class (Shiraki)

'Casper' - 1st place in its class. I also picked up a rooted cutting of this one.


'Norma Cantafio' - first place hanging plants (I got to judge this class along with someone from San Diego! Very fun!)

'Calisto' - another first place winner; exhibitor Ken Loomis

'Crystal Flash'

'Romantic Night'



Best new seedling from Evelyn Shiraki- "Meadowlark' x 'Chiba Lovely Dawn'


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  3. How can I get th we norma cantafio