Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Awards!

"Reward".Class 3 -  Third place, predominantly yellow, Large
I've entered the past couple of years and no success; this year looks like I got lucky!
Argus - First Place, Class 9 - Pink with other colors, medium

Encinitas - Second Place, class 7 - med, red with other colors

Friedrich Werner-Buell - Honorable Mention, Class 10 - Predominantly purple and lavender, Xtra Large

Friedrich Werner-Buel, third place, Class 12 - Predominant colors and combinations difficult to define, XL

Waikiki Rainbow, 2nd place Class 34, named cultivars, any color/size, in bud/bloom  in hanging container

Lalique, third place, Section 1 - predominantly white

King Midas, First place! Class 4 - predominantly orange

Here are both my first prize winners on the Court of Honor

Honorable mention in floral arrangements

Can you find my first place King Midas among its competitors?

Superchief, second place, class 5 - orange with other colors, XL

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