Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Friedrich Werner-Beul

We don't know the relationship of this person to the hybridizer Kurt Knebel. I have Knebel's book "Phyllocactus" and nothing is mentioned about who the mysterious Mr Beul might be.

Here is the description from the Cactus Pete catalog published in the year I was born, 1953:

Friedrich Werner-Beul. CK No. 230 (XXL)-radiating, flat flower; one of the largest; broad petals; outer ones red; inner petals crimson, orange center stipe shading to delicate lavender and white edges.

Then in the ESA directory from 1981, the description reads:

Friedrich Werner-Beul - KN #230 - Dark carmine. Outer dark carmine with orange midstripe and light carmine edge. L 

But, one picture is worth a thousand words!

It's definitely a large flower! And a very hardy plant that has survived under some neglect and weather extremes here in the inland valley, for 30 years.

I am hoping that the other buds will open this weekend for the ESA show. I would love to enter this in the heritage class!

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