Saturday, July 3, 2010

Strange succulent plant

If anyone can ID this for me please contact me! The growth is four-angled, spineless. The flower bud is HUGE. Will post another photo when it blooms. I've been waiting patiently....
Another small bud just getting started.....


  1. YES I do know, it's a Carrion Flower - and your bloom will stink ;-)

  2. I have one, also, take extra care with it because it is not easily found and takes quite awhile to mature to bloom.

    I have a video of flies working all over mine, on my patio last summer.
    that rotten meat odor truly attracts them, as well as my Jack Russell :-)

    If any leaves fall off, save them and re-root.

    you can see us at Oddly Enough Antiques on FaceBook
    (but my Carrion orchid plant is not for sale)

  3. Stapelia Gigantea