Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Epiphyllum guatemalense

Gee I won a HUGE species epiphyllum in a raffle at the ESA meeting last night. Lucky me LOL! I tried to give it to Mark Piette but he ran screaming the other direction. This is guatemalense, it has a spent bloom and a developing bloom. (see pencil-like bud on branch at the far left side). Since it's a night bloomer I may miss the big event, I dunno. We'll see! I can't figure out why I might want to keep this plant, maybe I'll donate it back to the arboretum.

There was an EXCELLENT speaker who works for the arboretum, who clued us all in on use of 6-benzyl adenine spray to stimulate cytokinins in the plant which results in abundence of growth and flowers. This is what commercial growers use to produce those Christmas cactus that you see for sale just loaded with buds. Control of fungal and viral diseases was also discussed. Another substance ws touched on; gibberellic acid which is used on cammelias and roses to stimulate flowering. All in all, a very fascinating lecture which I will use as a basis for further research into these substances.

With the epis done blooming, I can still enjoy the phaleonopsis and miltonias. That pendant pink phalaenopsis has been in bloom since April! The cattleyas outside should bloom in another month or so.

It's been a cool summer so far, the plants are doing well!! It hasn't gone much over 78 degrees most days; we've only had a couple of days in the 90s.

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