Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April Flowers

"Emily Rose" a Carla Gardner hybrid

'Harald Knebel' a small but pretty bloom.

'The Big Apple'

'Flaming Torch' (10" across)


'Venetian Affair'




'Texas Flame'



'Trocadero' a Beahm hybrid

Bottom: 'The Big Apple' 2nd row, "Kaweah" and 'Venetian Affair'
3rd row: 'Flaming Torch' and 'Courage'. 4th row: 'Bumpkin' and 'Venetian Affair'
Then, Texas 'Flame', 'Coronet' and 'Padre'. 'Trocadero' in background 

Loretta Garcia's group of 'Professor Irwin' with a 'Scoop of Raspberry'

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